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Rock Woodworks combines skill and years of experience to custom fabricate the highest quality products.

Spring Bolt

Wood Railing Fastener

Rock Woodworks proudly incorporates the innovative Spring-Bolt fastener in every wood rail system.

We're proud of the competitive advantage our use of this product provides our rail systems:

  • Superior joints
  • Superior strength
  • No putty or wood plugs

More about Spring-Bolt Innovative Wood Rail & Newel Post Fastener

Spring-Bolt Innovative Wood Rail & Newel Post Fastener


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About Rock Woodworks

Continuing in the age old art of fine staircases and balustrade systems.

Spiral Wood Staircase

One company to deal with for all your stair and railing needs. We will design, build, ship and assist in the installations of:

  • Wood stairs
  • Concrete stairs
  • Iron or wood railings - including carved wood rail transitions or bronze rail cap

Combine your desires with our ability to fabricate the staircase and balustrade that is perfect for you.

We can lead or assist in the design of your stair & balustrade system, usually the center piece of the most important room in your home.

"When designing a stair it is most important that you start at the end."

Once you have found the look you love we work hard to provide you with that stair & railings system. We plan and work to insure that you will love what you see when you walk into the room.

While designing your stair we consider:

  • Proportions
  • Descending comfort levels
  • Safety

Our 28 years of experience in the high-end market, combined with a passion for making our customers smile, is why we are often used to meet the needs of so many who want to love what they see long after we have left the job.

The closer you get the better we look due to our close attention to detail.

Spiral Wood Staircase